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"Am I the best? Of course not. Looking at it that way is too boring. Remember how you got there. Remember all the hours you spent building your craft. Then laugh realizing even then you still have a long way to go. Had you not given up yet, you must have really found a passion. Don't ever lose it."

Music never caught Gentry's eye in his first years of adolescence even being involved with choir at a young age. He always considered himself a martial artist only. Not really until age 16 was his perspective on music altered.


What started as simple curiosity from a small task asked by his brother Colin and the other members of the original Neptune trio to play around on an old Casio keyboard paved a new walkway for Gentry to pursue, only having seen pianos in his house but having never engaged so willingly.

Gentry purposely threw himself in the band to learn on the spot and fill a sense of adventure that had always bothered him. As time went on, he would fall in love with not only the idea of touring and making it big but also the rush of playing live with his bandmates and the bonds made with them.



Roland Juno DS88

Yamaha YPG-235

Arturia Minibrute SE


Parents, close friends, whomever he meets driven with purpose

Other Hobbies:

Martial arts, traveling, writing, voice overs

Favorite Artist(s):

Kamelot, Sabaton, Nightwish, Linkin Park, Metallica, Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, Tech N9ne, Hopsin

Favorite Album:

Meteora (Linkin Park)

Favorite Movies:

Enter the Dragon, latest Marvel anything

Favorite Anime:

Dragonball Z, Fairy Tail, Hellsing

Favorite Food:

Sushi or anything Mexican

Favorite drink: